If you are planning on re-purposing some of your existing server hardware to run the latest virtualization products or to take advantage of modern hardware optimizations for virtual hosts and machines, you need to be able to determine which of your servers already have Intel-VT or AMD-V features.
Here are some utilities and commands you can use to check from both Windows and Linux operating systems:-

for Windows:


for Linux:

How to check if your CPU supports hardware virtualisation

To run KVM, you need a processor that supports virtualisation; Intel and AMD both have developed extensions for their processors, respectively INTEL-VT and AMD-V.
To see if your processor supports one of these, you can run the following command:

egrep ‘(vmx|svm)’ /proc/cpuinfo

If nothing is printed, it means that your CPU doesn’t support hardware virtualisation. Otherwise, it does – but you still need to make sure that virtualisation is enabled in the BIOS.”

How to create a guest OS with KVM

"# egrep '^flags.*(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfoIf the svm flag is returned then your processor supports AMD-V or if the vmx flag is returned then your processor supports Intel VT."

you Can also check this links:


and for only Intel Processors you can check this link


and if you choose to use

Intel® Processor Identification Utility you should know your Name of your Processor

for my case it was Intel Pentium 4 press the Link and go to another page

in that page you chosse the type of your Utility and in my case I choosed

Intel® Processor Identification Utility - Windows* Version
go with the link and choose any file name that suits your OS.....