Company name : MasterHR
Job Field : Information Technology (IT)
Employment type : Full Time
Job Description : The role of the User Interface Analyst is to prototype, design, and build graphic user interfaces (GUIs) for software development, Web forms, and other applications. This includes capturing user requirements through collaboration with business analysts, leading and participating in testing sessions, and coordinating final implementation of the GUI based on feedback. Use of a variety of Web and software development languages is required.
Position Requirements: -Minimum five years’ experience in user-centered design techniques, such as creating user profiles and user scenarios; analyzing users’ goals and creating personas; articulating conceptual models of users’ complex tasks; planning, conducting, and summarizing usability studies. -Minimum three years experience in Web site usability. -Ability to make strategic and tactical design recommendations based on usability findings and standard design practices. -Solid understanding of websites and Web application design and working knowledge of HTML.
Job Location : United Arab Emirates
Submission date : 11/29/2011

Required Candidates

Experience : Min 5 Years
Gender : Male
Education : B.Sc. Computer Science
Major : Computer Engineering
Computer skills : Excellent
Position : Senior Position
Country of nationality : Egypt
Additional requirements : send your CV with pjoto on:
subject: Usability Engineer