Dear Colleagues

The Emulation Solution group in Egypt is looking for a Hardware/Embedded engineer with the following profile.

- B.Sc. Electronics, Computer Engineering with minimum very good with honour.
- Working as an Electronics/Computer Eng. and capable of doing sophisticated FPGA based design work.
- Performing activities including: HDL coding (Verilog), simulation-based verification and debug, FPGA synthesis, Hw bring-up and support.
- Owner for a design activity that includes very high speed serial interfaces, 3rd party IP cores and Sw execution on FPGA embedded processors.
- 7 years experienced in design with ASIC/FPGA (2002 and earlier Graduate)
- Experienced with 1 or 2 contemporary bus protocols; PCIe, USB, SATA, SAS, Ethernet, or similar.
- Able to write and debug embedded Sw in c.
- A very good communicator in English, proactive and wishing to work in a hands-on role from initial Spec through to support of deployment.

The position will involve travelling on the beginning of the employment for several months in England and US.
- The position is open for internal & external candidates.
Please send CVs to & <Internal Candidates>

Please send CVs to & <External Candidates>

Best regards,