1. One CCIE Engineer.
2. One MCSA or Equivalent.


1. Candidates have to have minimum of 5 years’ experience in the proposed system and to be approved by our Client.
2. CCIE Engineer or Equivalent must have a CCSP certification or equivalent.

The qualified fulltime system engineers must carry out the following tasks:

1. All the work related to their expertise and all the tasks assigned by IT manager to them.
2. Providing technical solutions and plans.
3. Supervision of the network system, server and applications.
4. Documenting all the procedures (user manuals) required for the installation, configuration and maintenance of the network system, server and applications.
5. Troubleshooting any technical problems and documenting all the troubleshooting procedures.6. Backing up and maintain the applications and the database.
7. Scheduling maintenance for network system, server and applications.
8. Transferring knowledge to OUR Client technical staff.
IF your experience match above conditions and you have more than three years experience send you cv with doc. to:
emails without suject ( CCIE & MCSA ) will be ignored