Still before 2011

We just got a nice little tip from one of our trusted sources that AMD just gave an official new date for Cayman launch, the 13th of December. This means that despite a brief delay, Cayman will still be on retail/e-tail shops before Christmas, and if the performance is right, will end up to be the fastest single GPU card this year.

The new date was given by AMD officially and probably sent to all partners and selected editors. It looks like the problem is quite real and partners mostly don't care about this delay as they have enough other cards to sell and as long as the card comes before Christmas. According to what we know, partners didn't recieve the final BIOS or the final driver for that matter, but that should hopefully change by the end of the month.

We are quite sure that we'll hear more about AMD's Cayman once it gets its final driver, as until then, the performance details are purely speculative and any early benchmark figures seen so far should be taken with a grain of salt, as proper drivers could squeeze out a bit more performance.

AMD Cayman include HD 6950/6970 and 6990