ERP Development:
Building SQL and PL/SQL code:
Building Oracle Workflow and integrating with ERP e-Business.
Building new workflow types.
Customizing existing workflow types in accordance with Oracle standards for WF custom code and development.
Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Using Java and ADF Technologies:
Building OA Framework Applications.
Customizing OA Framework Applications.
The ability to maintain the existing extensions.
The ability to create new extensions.
Oracle Application Framework Personalization.
Using JDeveloper 9i & 10g.
Good background in J2EE and ADF.
Reverse engineering the seeded pages to understand how to extend them.
Using the javadoc technology documentation generator to fully document the developed java classes.
All the java classes must be documented with Sun ™ "standard".
Understanding Oracle Security Model (Menus, Functions, etc…).
The ability to build ADF applications using JDeveloper from scratch (not under the OAF e-Business).
Discoverer Reports for ERP e-Business:
Administration and Plus.
Building Business Areas.
Defining SQL folder.
Defining relationships between folders.
Creating Item Hierarchies.
Extending currently developed business areas.
Creating all types of Plus reports (Tabular, Crosstab, etc…).
BI (XML) Publisher for ERP e-Business:
Using the BI Publisher 11i & 12i.
The ability to create charts and graphs.
The ability to create a well designed layout (RTF, etc…).
Understanding the BI Publisher Java APIs.
Standard Reports Builder for ERP e-business:
Ability to develop reports from scratch.
Ability to customize and enhance currently developed reports.
Oracle Open Interface and APIs for ERP e-Business.
Oracle Alerts.
Oracle Forms Personalization.
With full documentation (AIM Technology) including Technical Design and Installation Documents.

Install and Maintain Oracle e-Business 11i & 12i.
Install and Maintain Oracle Application Server and Weblogic Server.
Troubleshoot and apply patches and fixes of e-Business versions 11i & 12i.
Upgrade Databases.
Upgrade Oracle Application Server and Weblogic Server.
Database Performance Tuning.
With full documentation (AIM Technology) including Technical Design and Installation Documents.

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