Big Company is seeking a highly qualified candidate For the Position

  1. “IT Technical Support”

Job Description:

1. Ability to operate office equipment including, but not limited to: computers, copiers, printers etc.
2. Ability to setup and configure PC compatible hardware and Software
3. Applies any end point configurations
4. Checks pre-installation requirements and site preparations for new hardware installations.
5. Communicate with other departments to report and resolve software, hardware, and operations problems.
6. Configures user accounts and roles
7. Contacts second line of support if required (supplier / vendor).
8. First line of troubleshooting & maintenance.
9. Identify research and resolve technical problems.
10. Implement policies and procedures related to hardware and software acquisition, use, support, security, and back up.

Job Requirements:
· B.Sc. Computer science or Equivalent degree
· Excellent English Language
· Microsoft Office
· Deals with Stress, High Communication Skills, Representable, Trustworthy, Analytical, action and Result Oriented, High Composure, Flexible, Team Player

For Apply: