How to do mailbox recovery in Exchange 2010

First off we need to create the Recovery Database, this is something that change from Exchange 2007; we cannot do it using the GUI anymore, also the Recovery Storage Group doesnt exist anymore and has been replaced by Database Recovery. Open a PowerShell to create a new Database that will be used for Recovery purprose:

New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name RecoverDB -Server FW88 -EDBFilePath R:\Recover\RecoverDB.edb -LogFolderPath R:\Recover\Logs
Than we will need to mount it after that your Backup software has restored the database.
Mount-database RecoverDB
Here is how you would restore a mailbox after the Store has been mounted. It would restore into someone else account (or the same one) under the ‘restore’ folder:

Restore-Mailbox -RecoveryDatabase RecoverDB -Identity tweety88  -TargetFolder restored -BadItemLimit 500 -RecoveryMailbox tweety88