We are delighted to announce the world wide release of the Springboard Windows 7 Deployment Learning Portal on TechNet.
The Springboard Deployment Learning Portal is an online assessment and learning tool, designed to help IT Pros identify their knowledge strengths and information gaps around Windows 7 deployment. Based on interactive assessment responses, the participant is provided targeted learning to help them gain critical deployment know-how, keeping them at the top of their game.

The Springboard Windows 7 Learning Deployment Portal is designed to guide IT Pro’s deployment education by:

  • Enabling individuals to measure their proficiency and knowledge against key benchmarks
  • Identifying specific skills gaps or areas of weakness to address
  • Create personalized learning plans through direction to resources based on the areas and scope of knowledge gaps
  • Provide informal knowledge checks through learning and re-assess areas initially identified as knowledge gaps
  • Recognizing critical Windows 7 deployment skills and helping to build IT Pro confidence to deploy Windows 7

The Deployment Learning Portal content and methodology helps to bridge the gap between Springboard’s online managed experience content and formal training.

What languages will it be available in?

  • Windows 7-Bereitstellung: Lernportal (German)
  • Portal de aprendizaje para implementación de Windows 7 (Spanish)
  • Portail de formation au déploiement de Windows 7 (French)
  • Windows 7 展開ラーニング ポータル (Japanese)
  • Il portale di distribuzione di Windows 7 (Italian)
  • Windows 7 배포 학습 포털 (Korean)
  • Portal de Aprendizagem sobre a Implantação do Windows 7 (Portuguese)
  • Образовательный портал по развертыванию Windows 7 (Russian)
  • Windows 7 部署学习门户 (Chinese- Simplified)
  • Windows 7 部署學習入口網站 –(Chinese- Traditional)
  • Windows 7 Deployment Portal

It requires a separate registration and login process other than the Windows Live login process used by TechNet, allowing us to understand portal usage by locale and assessment scores.
All the training modules were created by the team that wrote the Windows 7 certification exam, including Preparing Your Deployment, Configuring a Windows 7 Image, Migration and Compatibility Testing. At the end of each module the user will receive learning recommendations based on their score, these recommendations direct IT Pros to the most relevant resources across Springboard, MS Learning and TechNet, and provides next steps to certification. The Springboard Series Deployment Portal can be accessed here.