As you already know, the product group announced the Dynamic Memory feature for Hyper-V with the SP1 release. Here you will find several links with information about how the new functionality works.

Part 1: Dynamic Memory announcement. This blog announces the new Hyper-V Dynamic Memory in Hyper-V R2 SP1, including requirements.

Part 2: Capacity Planning from a Memory Standpoint. Details issues to consider for memory capacity planning and why.

Part 3: Page Sharing. Detailed discussion about the TLB, large memory pages, how page sharing works, SuperFetch and more.

Part 4: Page Sharing Follow-Up. Questions answered about Page Sharing and ASLR and other factors.

Part 5: Second Level Paging. Details why should avoid this in a virtualized environment, including Performance impacts.

Part 6: Hyper-V Dynamic Memory. Discusses DM, and each of the per virtual machine settings.

How do you manage dynamic memory from Windows 7?

What is "memory priority" when service pack 1 is installed?

What is the memory buffer when dynamic memory is enabled?

What happens if you enable dynamic memory on an unsupported guest operating system?

Enabling Dynamic Memory