Finding that right resource to help you when you most need it is never easy.

People would often ask how I would find something in a dump, from a trap message or from a customer description. My answer to them was simply, the best support professionals don’t know all the answers off the top of their head, but they know where to look to get the answer.

Back in my day the complete set of manuals for a DPS 6 system with TPS 6 installed was probably only about 30 or manuals. Compared to the Microsoft product range, it’s minute. So now I keep track of where things are, like people ask about certification. I don’t know all the requirements or options for some certifications, but I do know that MSL produces a Learning plan for most of them and I know where those live and that will give me the answer.

One of the teams I’ve been working on recently has a project on surfacing information to help IT Pro’s find the right places to get the information and resources they need. I’m helping identify those places and that information. Over the years I’ve clocked up thousands of mouse miles trawling MSCOM, TechNet and MSL looking for stuff, I’m trying to bring that experience and knowledge to the forefront and share it.

The new page lives on TechNet, we’ve tried to keep it simple in the first edition. We will be updated the information on a monthly basis.

So have a look at Explore Your True Potential. We're Here to Help
Let me know what you think. What sort of information should we be surfacing?