With Microsoft planning for the next version of the Windows Desktop, collectively referred to as Windows 8, promising to supersede Windows 7 and Windows XP together, some of us feel a need to chip in.
Here’s your chance!
Together with Michael Pietroforte and a bunch of other Microsoft MVPs and insiders, we’re running a poll with features for the next version of the Windows Desktop.
It is quite obvious that Microsoft won’t add all enhancements listed here, and for some features it is not very likely that they will consider them any time soon. But who knows, if those options receive enough votes, someone at Microsoft might get interested.
For your convenience, the features are listed below. Hoover over the description of the feature, to see the more elaborate description.

  • New user interface
  • Support for different form factors
  • More modularity
  • Third-party patch management
  • Bare metal hypervisor
  • Application virtualization
  • Application streaming
  • Windows Store
  • Windows Restore Button
  • Cloud APIs
  • New authentication methods
  • Instant-On
  • Malware protection
  • Better UAC
  • Migration from Windows XP
  • Better compatibility
  • Better security
  • Better performance
  • Less hardware requirements
  • Less bloat

Ready to vote?

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