For those of you using Hyper-V, Med-V or App-V, you might want to look at these:

  • Hyper-V: Enabling Dynamic Memory
    Looking for some good information on Dynamic Memory for Hyper-V? Well, check out the post my colleague Ben Armstrong put on his blog, It is a step-by-step guide for how to get it setup.
  • Linux Integration Services v2.1 Now Available
    We are really excited to announce the availability of the Hyper-V Linux Integration Services for Linux Version 2.1. This release marks yet another milestone in providing a comprehensive virtualization platform to our customers.
  • MED-V:
    Behavior of Expired MED-V Workspaces Explained If a user is attempting to start a MED-V Workspace and the user receives a message stating that there are no workspaces available, or they see list of workspaces and the one intended for the user is not available, this is usually because of one of the following reasons.