Deploy it through the GPO within the computer level.

It's better to create a test OU for testing purposes.

1. Open your Group policy Managment Console (GPMC) and Right click to the desired OU which contains the Computer accounts.

2. create new GPO and give it a name like "".

3. Open Computer settings > Polices > Windows Settings > Scripts > Startup.

Use the startup scripts and attach the msi package but with a script syntax “/quite”.

This will fix the windows 7 administrative privilege problem and the package will installed silently.

Also in windows XP it’s worked fine and silently.

Optional: Theoretically You can use the user level for deployment with the same syntax.


1.If you will use the deployment through the computer level the user must have a local admin privilege to get the package installed successfully.

2. User level not require a local admin privilege and it’s less secure.

3.When attached the msi package you should use a UNC path and give read permission for authenticated users in share and NTFS.