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Kindly check new vacancies and tell your friends

1. Java Application Developers
BSc. of Computer Science or Information Systems
0 - 2 years of Experience in Application Development
V. Good Knowledge of J2EE, J2SE,...
V. Good Commands of English

2. SAP Consultant
Min of 1 year of Experience in SAP implementation
All Module (HR, Material Planning, Finance, ...)

3. Business Intelligence Developer
4 -7 years of Experience
Experience in ETL , Data Stage
Good Knowledge of Ab Initio Skill

4.Software Testing Engineer
2-4 Years of Experience in Software testing

5. Business Analytics and Optimization
min of 1 year of experience

Very Good Communication Skills & Very Good Commands of English is a prerequisite for all of the above positions.

Dear all,

Here is the correct links

Java developers

https://jobs3. netmedia1. com/cp/job_summary. jsp?job_id=GBS-0329792

SAP Consultant

https://jobs3. netmedia1. com/cp/job_summary. jsp?job_id=GBS-0322878

Business Integration

https://jobs3. netmedia1. com/cp/job_summary. jsp?job_id=GBS-0329795


https://jobs3. netmedia1. com/cp/job_summary. jsp?job_id=GBS-0306981

Also you can send your CV to the below contacts:

For the java vacancies send on com

For the rest either mkhattab@eg. or com