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    Default سؤال فى ال paging file

    السلاموا عليكم
    اولا انا اسفه على كتر الاستفسارات
    بس الرامات مع ال
    virtual machine
    خلاص هايجننونى
    الاول علشان اكون موضلحكم الصوره
    انا لاب توب بتاعى راماته
    اصله قديم حبتين تمام كده
    انا الوقتى عملت عليه
    page file
    واخدت من كل
    شويه رامات كده المفروض زودت الرامات تمام كده ولا ايه ؟
    وكمان اخدت من الفلاشه
    مش انا باخد من الفلاشه عادى زى باقى ال
    ولا ايه؟
    المهم الوقتى برده ال
    virtual machine
    مش راضى يعمل
    غير ل
    2 os
    بس فى نفس الوقت
    كل واحد فيهم
    128 mb
    انا عايزه اعمل
    فى نفس الوقت لكمان

    2 Os
    يعنى يكون الاربعه Os
    شغالين مع بعض
    كل لما اشغل اى اتنين فيهم واجى اشغل التالت
    يقولى طبعا ان
    physical memory not enough
    وبيقولى كمان
    adjast the additional memory setting to allow more virtual machine memory to be swapped

    هل فى حل للمشكله دى الى ماتحلتش حتى بعد ماعملت
    paging file
    شكرا ليكم

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    to understand that we need to know What is the Relation Between Virtual Memory, Cache Memory and RAM ?

    RAM is obviously where all apps, dll's & other code is loaded included the o/s running but what happens when RAM is running low? The OS has received a request (maybe you just want to open another program ) and there is little physical RAM available, so the OS does what's called paging, where is takes an inactive part of RAM & stores this on disk into a file on windows called pagefile.sys, this data then become virtually stored & the whole state is called virtual memory.

    A good example of this is say you have a system with only 128MB of RAM, you boot up windows & open task manager, now without any apps running lets say you are using 90MB or physical RAM & windows has set aside upon bootup another 128MB of space in the pagefile.sys. OK, so you open word, excel & outlook to do some work, the amount of available memory isn't enough so certain portions of what is running get moved into the page file with priority being given to the new app, so you might find that word which was opened first has now being paged into virtual memory & when you click back to word note the hard disk activity & pause while it loads back the relevant portion into physical memory/ram & pages off something else! so virtual memory allows you to run more programs at the same time but because it requires hard disk access it's slow, for performance you will want to avoid paging completely or as much as possible so you have extra RAM added to your system, virtual memory is basically a backup to RAM memory.

    You can allow windows to manage the amount of virtual memory but it might be better to manual set it, I generally use about 1.5 time my physical RAM (If you have more than 8GB of RAM it will be Size of RAM +10) & also it's a good idea to place the pagefile onto a fast disk of it's own if possible, more likely to be done on servers though.

    Cache memory is where something that is likely to be needed again & again is kept to one side, a good example is the Level 1 & Level 2 cache memory on your CPU, the more the better but what is does is hold the most commonly used instructions in the faster cache memory which speeds with processing & therefore performance.

    So Why your VMs do not open ?!! Simply because they are not able to be allocated RAM at the first (They have to get RAM to start then Paging some process later).

    hope this is clear, if not please reply, thanks.

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    شكرا على التوضيح بجد
    ماشاء الله على ىحضرتك فى الشرح جزاك الله كل خير بجد
    يبس كده كده الفيرشوال ماشين مش هاتشتغل علشان مش لاقيه رامات الاول؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

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    بجد انا استفد من شرح حضرتك كتيير قوى وجزاكم الله كل خير هنا فى المنتدى ماشاء الله كلكم متعازنين وافدتونى كتيير قزى بجد
    شكرا ليكم كلكم

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    معلش اخر سؤال هى الفيرشوال ماشين المفروض تاخد كام من الرامات يعنى انا ضابطه 2 من ال
    كل واحد 128
    يعنى 256
    هما الاتنين
    يعنى المفروض فاضل من رامات الجهاز كمان 256
    تمام كده ليه مش عارفه اخد منهم يعنى حتى كمان 128
    يعنى هى مش بتفتح غير ال 2 الى كل واحد فيهم 128 ظبط واحد تالت على رامات 64 برده مش بيفتح
    هى الفيرجاول ماشين فيها ظبط انها ماتخدش اكتر من نصف الرامات ولا ايه؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
    شكرا بجد ليكم واسفه على الاطاله

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    خللى بالك ان كل ويندوز و ليه الرامات الللى يحتاجها و كمان لما تنزلى سيرفس عليه بردة بتحتاج رامات تانية وفى بعض السيرفس زى الاكستشنج بيتتحسب الرامات على قد عدد اليوزرز اللى عندك

    انتى مش عارفة تاخدى رامات تانية زيادة لان الهوست ماشين اللى هو الاب توب نفسة محتاج رامات علشان يشتغل و يشغل الفيرجوال مشاينز او الفى ام وير يعنى

    فدا طبيعى

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