Tips from Goutham:
3 things has to be done for better performance:

By default, XP displays extra graphic objects for menu items which can slow down your display.

1. To turn off these selectively...

Right click My Computer
Select Properties
Click Advanced tab
Under Performance, click Settings button
To turn them all off, select Adjust for best performance

Preference is to leave them all off except for Show shadows under mouse pointer and Show window contents while dragging
2. To speed up the display of the Start Menu Items, turn off the menu shadow.

Right click open area of the Desktop
Select Properties
Click Appearance tab
Click Effects button

Uncheck Show shadows under menus
3. You can increase system performance by loading more of the system into memory. DO NOT attempt this with less then 512MBs of ram. Your system will become unstable.

Click Start
Click Run
Enter regedit
Click OK
Go to
Session Manager
Memory Management
Double click on DisablePagingExecutive
Set Value = 1
Click OK

Now you can feel that ur system responsibility superior performance