Bosphorus Regional Partnership Summit, will be organized as a third time in a Istanbul which is the heart of Eurasia. In every year, summits regional borders are getting wider in a increasing momentum and total of 49 countries which includes Middle East, North Africa, Gulf Region, Turkish Republics and The Balkans on between the dates of 13-15 December.

In its first year, 963 delegate from 17 countries were joined to Bosphorus Regional Partnership Summit which started in 2010 with the theme of Future of International Relations and Regional Partnership Opportunities. Also the second one was organized in Istanbul on the dates between 23-25 November 2011 again and created a event that important representatives of attendee countries in a areas of both political and economical, it also created awareness and turned potential partnerships to trading success. The second summit based on theme of New Partnerships and Confidence Based Relations with Neighbours and numeral statistics were standed out. In that year, 36 countries attended the summit which established in a host of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), and also total of 1400 delegate attended the summit with the addition of more than 100 high profile bureaucrats and businessman whom attended from countries that reaches 3.3 billion dollars trading volme.

This year Bosphorus Regional Partnership Summit will focus on theme of Eurasias Potential on Restructuring of Global Regime. The summit will organized in ırağan Palace Istanbul on the dates between 13-15 December 2012 with attendance of high profile bureaucrats and businessman from 49 countries. The summit which will be organized by International Cooperation Platform, expected to attract much more attendance than last years.