Windows Vista editions compared feature by feature

By Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, and Craig Stinson
(Adapted from Windows Vista Inside Out © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. To learn more about this book, visit the Microsoft Learning website.)

THERE ARE FOUR RETAIL EDITIONS (Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, and Windows Vista Business) and one corporate edition (Windows Vista Enterprise) of the Windows Vista operating system. This article lists in detail which features and capabilities are found in each edition. (For a brief description of each edition, see the Windows Vista editions overview.)
For your convenience, we’ve divided a potentially long and confusing feature list into the following categories: User experience, security, digital media/entertainment, hardware, backup, business applications, and advanced networking and administration.
User experience

The Windows Aero desktop experience is available only on the four premium editions of Windows Vista with hardware that meets Windows Aero standards. The Windows Aero user experience is not available on Windows Vista Home Basic. With all editions, the Windows Vista Basic interface is both the default choice on systems with underpowered video hardware and a user-selectable option.

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