[glow=FFFF00]Job Field[/glow]: Database Administration

[glow=FFFF00]Employment type[/glow]: Full Time

[glow=FFFF00]Job Location[/glow]: Banha - Egypt

[glow=FFFF00]Job Description[/glow]:

* BSc. In Computer Engineering.

* Experience up to 1 year in patching, upgrading, maintaining, tuning and monitoring Oracle database10g on MS Windows server 2003.

* Monitor and administer DBMS security. This involves adding and removing users, administering quotas, auditing, and checking for security problems.

* Configuration of hardware and software with the system administrator.

* Installation of infrastructure new software & preparing the environment of applications.

* Perform and update of operational tasks documentations.

* Oracle Application Server 10g experience is plus.

* OCP Certification is a plus.

* Must be a team player, enthusiastic and willing to work and learn.

Interested candidates can send their CV to:


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[glow1=FF00FF]"Oracle DBA job"[/glow1]
Please only persons who have work experience can send their CVs