Network Support Specialist Technician DVD

هذا الدفيدي اكثر من رائع فهو يعمل من الدفيدي ( لايف ) لا يحتاج لتنصيب ويقلع من الدوس يدعم عدة انظمة وهي : Windows 9x/ME/XP/2000/2003/Linux
وهو خاص لمحترفي الشبكات ومدراء الشبكة فهو لعمل تشخيص المشاكل الموجودة في الشبكة وهو يحتوي على 300 برنامج تقريبا

وهذه معلومات بالإنجليزية
Network Support Specialist Technician DVD

The Network Support Specialist Tech DVD is a bootable DVD with
all the tools needed to administer, toubleshoot, and support
any size Network.

Programs on Bootable portin of Disk:Verson 1 BacTrack Final
The Bootable portion of the disk is a Live-System based on KNOPPIX. With no
installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the
CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes. Independent of the hardware in
use, the Auditor security collection offers a standardised working environment,
so that the build-up of know-how and remote support is made easier. Even during
the planning and development stages, our target was to achieve an excellent
user-friendliness combined with an optimal toolset. Professional open-source
programs offer you a complete toolset to analyse your safety, byte for byte. In
order to become quickly proficient within the Auditor security collection, the
menu structure is supported by recognised phases of a security check.
(Foot-printing, analysis, scanning, wireless, brute-forcing, cracking). By this
means, you instinctively find the right tool for the appropriate task. In
addition to the approx. 300 tools, the Auditor security collection contains
further background information regarding the standard configuration and
passwords, as well as word lists from many different areas and languages with
approx. 64 million entries. Current productivity tools such as web browser,
editors and graphic tools allow you to create or edit texts and pictures for
reports, directly within the Auditor security platform.

2 Enumeration
2.1 WWW
2.2 Google
2.3 DNS
2.4 SMB
2.5 SNMP
2.6 SMTP
2.7 LDAP
3 Exploit Archive

3.1 Metasploit Framework
3.2 Milworm
3.3 SecurityFocus
4 Scanners

4.1 Vulnerability Scanners
4.2 Port Scanners
5 Password Attacks

5.1 Online Attacks
5.2 Offline Attacks
5.3 CalcChecksum
6 Fuzzers
7 Sniffers
8 Cisco Tools
9 Database Tools
10 Wireless Tools
11 BlueTooth
12 Forensic Tools
13 BackTrack Services
14 Miscellaneous

The autorun portion of the disk:

The windows based autorun programs are the best of the best that the net has to
offer the aspiring Technician.

Programs included:

PC Firewall Appliance Archive with:
IpCop install cd 1.4 iso
Smoothwall 2.0 + Manuals

Capturix Networks 2006 v. 4.06.170

CCNA Network visualizer 5.0

GFI Languard Network Security Scaner 7.0.2006

Ethereal v 0.99

Fluke network Inspector 5.0

HTTP Analizer Full Edition v1.7.1.171

Internet Connection Counter v.7

Iris The Network Traffic Analyzer v4.07 RETAIL

NetPeeker 2.83

Net-Probe v.2.0

Netstat live 5.49

Network lookout Administrator v1.8.1

Ns Auditor 1.15 live

Ns Auditor 1.4 Full

Ping-Probe v.2.o

Solarwinds Network Monitor

Spector Corporate Network Edition (CNE) v4.2.1010

StaNet.X-Win32 v8.0.21

Security Explorer 5.32

WiFi Manager Full

Airopeek NS v.2.02

Retina WI-FI Security Scanner v 1.0.3


WiFi Network ignition v2.0 Build 352

Visual Route 2006

Wintools.Net v 3.74 Pro

X-Netstat pro 5.49

WildPackets AIO By Me

OmniPeek 3.1 Full
Remote TCP Dump
Net Dopplar
OmniPeek Personal
Inet tools Pro
ProConvert 3.7
IP SubNet Calculator
Google Map Plugin
Log me plugin
Filter Me plugin
Find Me plugin
WildPackets Wireless Drivers

And more...

Install Notes
Boot into Backtrax 1 Final
Name: root
Password: toor
Rar Password= ARS

Then type startx

The Security Desktop (KDE 3.53) will load
In Windows

الحجم : 1.596 جيجا
أسألكم الدعاء والتوفيق لكل المسلمين.