El Sewedy Group

Founded in Egypt more than 60 years ago with a major aim of developing the industry in Egypt, El Sewedy Group today has more than 5000 employees committed to serve the industry in the Middle East. El Sewedy's commitment to quality has been the back bone of its success.

El Sewedy Electrometer

As the need for quality meters grew in the Middle East, El Sewedy announced in the 90's the birth of a new member specialized in designing and manufacturing state of the art electricity meters. Our design team's ability to make our customers' dreams come true made our success a reality. Now with about 2 million meters running in the Middle East and Africa, We are proud to introduce the new generation of electronic meters with the latest technologies of Automatic Meter Reading, prepaid meters and multifunction meter systems.

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El Sewedy Electrometer Research and Development Department is offering vacancies in the following positions :-

1- Firmware Engineer: (Job ref: F3001)

- Very good knowledge in C and C++.

- Solid knowledge in Microcontrollers based Embedded Systems.

- Solid knowledge in digital communication systems (PLC is advance).

- Good Knowledge in Software Engineering.

2- Hardware Engineer: (Job ref: H4003)

- Good Experience in dealing with electronic circuits (Design, Debug, Rework �etc)

- Good Experience in Circuit simulation using PSpice.

- Experience in schematics entry using OrCAD Capture.

- Solid knowledge in PCB Designs using OrCAD Layout.

General qualifications that should be available in all candidates:-

- Min. grade very good.

- Good communication skills.

- Military status should be exempted or postponed.

- 1-2 years experience in embedded systems is a plus.

- Very good command of both written and spoken English.

For all who wants to apply for these jobs, send your C.V. to:


Don't forget to mention the job reference in the mail's subject.

With all my best wishes to all of you,

Mohamed Osama,

AMM Project Manager

El-Sewedy Electrometer Egypt

Research and Development Department