CompTIA A+ certification is where IT careers begin. You’ll learn how to be a computer technician — from installation, configuration, and basic networking to computer diagnosis and maintenance. A+ certification gets you started in IT. It prepares you for your role as a Computer Technician, IT Technician, Remote Support Technician, or Depot Technician, along with many other entry-level IT jobs.

The CompTIA A+ Certification Package contains:
- Series Intro and A+ Certification Overview and Changes (free video!)
- Motherboards, Form Factors, Chipsets (free video!)
- Motherboard Installation and Buses
- Tools and ESD
- Motherboard Selection and Installation Part 1
- Motherboard Selection and Installation Part 2
- I/O Ports, Cables, and Connectors
- Processors and Cooling
- Memory
- Storage Part 1
- Storage Part 2
- Peripherals: Printers Part 1
- Peripherals: Printers Part 2
- Peripherals: Printers Part 3
- Peripherals: Printers Part 4
- Peripherals: Video Standards, Monitors, Digital cameras, bar code reader, Biometric, smart card
- Electricity: Terms, Power Supplies, Surge Protectors
- Networking Part 1
- Networking Part 2
- Networking Part 3
- Networking Part 4
- Networking Part 5
- Laptops
- Computer Care, Safety and Environmental
- Troubleshooting
- OS Comparison and Overview
- Upgrading and Installing Windows
- Windows Interface, Boot Files, Registry
- Boot Recovery and System Management Tools
- OS Optimization
- OS Troubleshooting
- Security Part 1
- Security Part 2
- Communication and Professionalism

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